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We help build companies and properties with lasting impact

East Seattle Partners led by Alan Frazier, founder of Frazier Healthcare Partners, is a multi-asset investment firm funded entirely by private family capital. Powered by decades of company-building experience, we focus on growth equity and real estate opportunities. We invest in growth companies that seek to redefine established business categories, solve critical market issues and build community. In real estate, we invest in select properties with a focus on renovation of historically significant buildings.


We invest where we can make a difference

Growth Equity

We work to provide the capital, resources and expertise to help growth companies (from venture stage to established) become market leaders. We aim to create and add value for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, and their communities.


Real Estate

Our specialty is in development projects that take classic and underinvested buildings and transform them into safer, highly functional and beautiful new structures, adding value not just for the property, but for tenants and the properties’ neighbors and community.


Experienced investors and operators

Frazier Healthcare Partners founder Alan Frazier has been building enduring, iconic companies for most of his adult life. He leads a team of investors and advisors committed to bringing creative thinking, strategic and operational experience and an ethos of partnership to every investment.