Creating value via
shared values

Since 2014, East Seattle Partners (ESP) has made direct investments in early stage and mature middle market companies, as well as commercial real estate and multi-family properties in the Pacific Northwest. East Seattle Partners invests in companies and real estate projects with growth potential, solid business fundamentals and community minded values. We look for opportunities where our capital and expertise are directly involved in building market leaders, developing iconic properties, creating jobs, addressing customer problems, and making positive impacts in the communities and markets in which our investments serve.

Our deep roots in
company building

For nearly a decade, ESP founder Alan Frazier was a successful executive at Immunex, one of Seattle’s most significant success stories in life sciences. He went on to found and build Frazier Healthcare Partners, one of the country’s largest private capital funds devoted to healthcare and where he remains as chairman. Alan has deep experience in all aspects of building highly successful companies, including IPOs, acquisitions, board roles, and corporate development activities such as joint ventures and partnering. East Seattle Partners is a separate and distinct entity from Frazier Healthcare Partners and as such does not make investments in healthcare companies.

“I feel blessed to have spent my career doing what I love, first in healthcare at Immunex and Frazier Healthcare, and over the years in many equally exciting non-healthcare ventures. I love the energy and optimism inherent in growing great companies and creating iconic real estate properties that also contribute in positive ways to their communities.”

—Alan Frazier

Community as a stakeholder

We value creative thinking and hard work, and we believe that companies have a responsibility to contribute to the betterment of their communities. In fact, it is one of our investment criteria. So, while we are focused on building enduring companies and properties, we feel compelled to also do so in a manner that lifts up the communities in which these entities are located through the creation of well paid jobs, increased economic vitality, and contributions directly or indirectly to social, educational and healthcare institutions within these communities.

We lead by example, supporting exemplary organizations with time, expertise and funding. Our partners serve or have served on numerous educational boards, including the University of Washington, Seattle University, and Western Washington University, and healthcare institutions including University of Washington Medicine and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, as well as on community service boards such as Amara and the Community Engagement unit of Seattle University. East Seattle Partners also supports the work of East Seattle Foundation, which funds people and organizations building stronger communities through innovative initiatives in the areas of social well-being, health and education.