We are active investors

East Seattle Partners takes an active value-add approach, looking to partner with world-class entrepreneurs, management teams, and business partners to create long-term value in both the companies and real estate projects in which we invest. Because we are funded by private capital, we invest in opportunities that align with ESP’s goals and values, without the constraints of funds or demands of outside investors, and without a focus on a specific industry or stage. Our goal is to empower teams to lead their business and for them to view us as a ready and willing resource for success.

Our investment criteria


  • Situations where we can take an active role and where our experience, knowledge and influence will help bring an edge
  • Venture and mature stage companies that through their business help build better communities
  • Identifiable opportunities for growth and expansion
  • Potential for long-term holding periods
  • Control stake or significant minority investment, typically with a board seat
  • Based in the Pacific Northwest


  • Classic or iconic structures, with unique aesthetic characteristics or appeal
  • Identifiable opportunities for refurbishment or redevelopment
  • Focus on extending the useful life and increasing functionality for today’s tenant while also maintaining the classic character of a property
  • Focus on multi-family and commercial properties
  • Potential for long-term holding periods
  • Located in the Pacific Northwest

We take the long view

We invest in people, organizations and properties to create enduring excellence. As opposed to most investment funds organized for growing companies and for real estate “flips,” we invest for the time period that best suits the company or property, with a bias towards long-term thinking and investment horizons. Unbound by any pre-defined investment timelines, we strongly prefer to invest in entities for decades.

sample investments

We are proud to be working alongside the people behind these companies and projects to create lasting value.

Growth Equity

Real Estate